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What is the expected timeframe for Rise to find my perfect tenant?

At Rise we are so confident of our abilities that we back them with a Rental Guarantee.
A property that is presented well and priced right should lease within 4 weeks. If we don’t find you a tenant within 4 weeks, our Rental Guarantee ensures we will pay you the rent until we do.

How often will inspections be carried out on my property?

Like you, we see inspections as a vital part of excellent management.
The initial inspection will be conducted 12 weeks after the tenancy commencement and every 6 months thereafter. Attendance is completely up to you. Naturally, we will provide a detailed report after the inspection.

What is the regularity of rental payments and statements?

Rental payments are issued to you within 48 hours of it being received by our office.
However, if you would like to nominate a particular day of the month or week to receive your money we can certainly accommodate this. You will receive your statement once the rent has been deposited into your account.

Can Rise pay property related bills on my behalf?

Absolutely and with pleasure. Once you have nominated us to do so, we can look after everything necessary and regularly.

Is it a good idea to take out property insurance?

While landlord insurance is not legally required, we strongly recommend it. A good policy will protect you against any damage to the property and any issues that may arise during the tenancy.

I’d like to change from my current management agency and have Rise look after me instead. What is the process?

We’d love to represent your property. Simply sign a managing authority with us. We can organise to collect the file from your current agent and introduce ourselves to your tenant. It’s that easy.

I have a preferred tradesperson I would like you to use for any maintenance needs and repairs.

Not a problem! recommend share their details with us and we will engage them when needed. Should you choose however, we also have our own reliable and fully insured tradespeople on call.

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