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The Rise Distinction

Your journey defines who you are.

Ours began out of a desire to provide people with a premium property management service based on three vital factors that are often overlooked; Relationships, Communication and Care.

These guiding principles help us align the ideal homemaker tenant with the properties we represent. With this perfect match in place, we break the tradition of service that under-delivers and instead provide an outstanding experience to both property owner and homemakers alike – ensuring the nurturing of relationships and unparalleled management of your property remains our focus.

Melbourne Property Managers & Management Services

Are you a landlord, real-estate investor or are you completely new to property investment and want to get the best possible head start?  Then you definitely need our help.  Our property managers will provide you with all the necessary services and will give you additional benefits you will never be able to enjoy if you manage your property on your own. Read More

Our Melbourne Property Services

At Rise Property Management we make it much easier for you to manage your real estate properties because we take care of all of the hard work for you.  Here is just a quick look at some of the many services we will take care of on your behalf;

Property marketing – One of the first things you need to do is to attract good tenants with positive habits.  We will market all of your available properties for you to attract the type of tenants you need and want for occupying your quality investment properties.

Screen tenants – Our property managers have an excellent reputation for screening tenants. We carry out thorough background checks on all potential tenants so you can easily identify the best, safest and most reliable tenants for your property. This means that you reduce the risk of leasing out to people who might damage your property, cause disturbances or fall behind with payments.

Setting rent – Not sure what rental fee to charge for your property?  Don’t worry; we have you covered.  We can calculate a market related rental rate that is fair to both you and your tenants.

Collect rent – With us, you never have to struggle to get your tenants to pay up.  Our Melbourne property managers will invoice your tenants for you and will collect the rental income on your behalf.  We will then proceed to pay you the correct agreed rental fee into your bank account.

Manage your budgets – Many property investors find it hard to manage their budgets effectively, especially if they invested in buy to let properties. As you’re responsible for making up any mortgage deficit whenever tenants pay too little or not at all, it can be a worrying prospect.  Our property experts will evaluate your budget and ensure that enough rental income is received to cover your mortgage fee, maintenance cost, insurance fees and any other expenses you might have with regards to the rental property.

Property maintenance – Maintenance is incredibly important when you are trusting your property into the hands of strangers.  Our property managers will handle maintenance tasks such as gardening services, waste removal and more for you and will also keep an eye on your property to ensure that everything stays in good condition.  We will also advise you the moment repairs and upgrades are needed so you can keep your property in pristine condition as time passes.

Benefits of Using Rental Managers in Melbourne

Hiring our property managers gives you many benefits that you might not expect.  Here are the top benefits of using our professional property experts;

  • We will help you find the quality tenants that you can trust in your buildings and that will actually pay up.
  • Promoting your property and keeping everything in good condition takes up a lot of your time. You can save heaps of time when you hire Rise PM to take care of all of these tasks for you.
  • Our property experts will ensure that you get a market-related income for your property so you can receive positive returns on your property investment
  • You don’t have to deal with or even interact with any of your tenants.
  • Enjoy fewer vacancies thanks to our exceptional ability to find tenants quickly
  • You will have no legal worries because all of your rental responsibilities, including rental contracts, will be handled by our professionals.

Hiring a property manager will make it much easier to manage your property investments and will make a huge difference in securing your return on investment.  For easier income and a smooth functioning buy to let business you should definitely give Rise PM’s services a try.

Rise Property Management is Melbourne’s best property management company providing rental & residential management services to property owners. Our leasing agents are always here to assist. Contact us today.

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Property Owners

Our highly tailored approach to managing your property invites a refreshingly new experience.

Our success-driven team work closely with your unique criteria to align the perfect homemaker with your property. But we don’t stop there. Rise’s detailed tenant induction and ongoing support coupled with transparency and clear communication leaves you feeling assured you’re in perfect hands, at last.

+ Our property experts will curate a tailored approach
+ We take the time to get to know you and your outcome goals
+ Sensible and detailed recruitment process ensures perfect fit

Why partner with us

Tenant Homemakers

Finding the ideal home to tenant should be an exciting opportunity, not a stressful task.

At Rise, we get to know you and your unique needs to ensure we align you with an ideal home, not just a random property. Our customised process and service treats you with the utmost respect and care – an approach that is wonderfully different from anything you have experienced before.

+ Enjoy a guided tenancy with clear communication
+ Receive a red carpet experience based on respect
+ Allow us to align your unique needs with the ideal home

Why partner with us

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